Myths regarding Pigeons

Myths regarding PigeonsPigeons do not reproduce equally corresponding to each gender. The myth is believed to have originated from ancient Rome and this has been proved wrong by scientists by experimenting sex linked mating among pigeons.
The shape, texture and nature of scales on the bird’s leg does not indicate its capacity to be a racing bird or flying one. It does not affect the bird in any way other than its appearance.
There is no research that supports the relevance or effects of eye sign. No tests have brought out positive correlation between the eye sign and its behaviour. A bird cannot be categorized as good or bad just by looking at and analysing the eye sign of birds.

Doves and Pigeons are not different, in fact they are the same. The only difference is the origin of words. Pigeons come from the French language, while the word, Doves originated from Dutch. However with language use, different countries have started to employ it to indicate various connotations. Like in American English, dove is referred to the smaller variety like ringneck (Streptopelia roseogrisea).
In contrast to the common myth, both male and female pigeons take equal responsibility in looking after and raising the off spring. They take turns while incubation and also is capable of secreting milk.