The Pigeons of the Trafalgar square.

The Pigeons of the Trafalgar square.The famous Trafalgar square of London has been known for the enormous flock of pigeons. It had been there, over years entertaining generations of children and tourists alike. However it has been declared as a non-fly zone now evicting the pigeons out through starvation. One of the mayors of the city, Ken Livingstone took strict measures to eradicate these birds by reducing the availability of grains. This was done as a part of the renewal of the square for around $40,000,000. Livingstone reached a new low by cutting down the license of the traditional seed sellers who has been doing business for generations. This caused a massive uproar among the people and they tried their best to fight against the senator and also to display their unending love for these winged friends.

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Many people including celebrities came into fore- front, pointing out how pigeons were considered to be real heroes and how intelligent and smart they were. It was estimated that around 500,000 pigeons were involved in the Second World War as messengers and incurring the wrath of Hitler. The history of these birds go back to the time of Moses, and is believed that the Egyptian Army had used these birds as messengers. It is a shame that these birds could not be preserved and the traditions could be saved by one of the leading cities in the world.