Habitat for Pigeons

Habits for pigeonsMany people all around Germany believed Pigeons too be extremely damaging and wanted to get rid of them by killing them all. However, some environmentalists took upon the case and campaigned against the common will of the people. They also got the senate to their side by indicating how cruel and how tax money would be wasted by this initiative. All this led to a new concept of building lofts for these birds. One of the prominent members of the lot designed a modern amenity for the birds which was taken over by bird enthusiasts and private donors.


These beautifully created lofts could house the pigeons along with provisions to eat and most importantly it re-created the image of pigeons in the minds of people as just unwanted ugly inhabitants of sophisticated buildings. These birds look healthier because of proper food and water provided to them in the beautiful lofts. These pigeon houses are made from insulated aluminium sheets which makes it light enough and also makes it quite warm in winter and provides a cooling effect during the hot summers.

It is an extremely practical and a very beautiful solution for the problems caused by these birds in the cities. However there is no necessity of lofts in every city or its parts. But can be effectively installed in places where there is large flock of pigeons disturbing human activity.

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