Can Quadcopters Be Used For Bird Watching?

can quadcopters be used for bird watchingYou may love your quadcopter for its ability to fly high. Or for the manoeuvres that you could do. However, a few of you might buy it for a completely different reason – for bird watching. What if you could silently look at the birds up close and personal?

Quadcopters are becoming popular day by day. The automated drones lifted by four rotors can rise to great heights and travel considerable distance. With introduction of cameras like GoPro and quadcopters becoming more agile, lightweight and affordable, people are buying it for fun and aerial shooting.

Quadcopters for bird watching

Drones or quadcopters can be operated from the ground using a remote control. The flying device with a fitted camera can effectively record images and videos of birds from a bird’s eye view. You will find many videos on Youtube showing videos of birds shot by drones. It can also be used by bird lovers and birders for purposes like:

  • Following the bird and find out its habitat or nest
  • Discover and explore bird watching zones or parks through an aerial view
  • Document nature and habits of birds
  • To reach areas inaccessible by foot and find out more about the birds

Advantages of using quadcopters for bird watching

There are some advantages which you can get by using a quadcopter for bird watching. These benefits are not offered by traditional means of bird watching like binoculars.

  • Professionalism –  Quadcopters are used increasingly by bird lovers or filmmakers documenting birds. It is a professional way to record details about bird species and discover their activities.
  • Bird’s eye view – It is thrilling to see your favorite birds eye to eye flying alongside them. Quadcopters can be made to line up with birds, follow them and deliver unique angles on images for better visibility.
  • Extensive reach – Drones can be controlled by a remote and fly across long stretch of distances. Many times bird watchers have to explore a forest to find out more about birds. They can reduce the risks of wild animals and other threats by checking the area first by a quadcopter.
  • Fun way – Quadcopters are also great for young people to just chill and lookout for birds where they live. The drones can be flown alongside birds and it is also a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Words of precaution

It is always essential to remember that technology can cause harm to nature. Drones feel like alien objects to birds and many times they end up attacking it. It may also injure the bird if they get too close to the spinning rotors. All national parks like Yosemite have banned flying of quadcopters within their boundaries to preserve and protect wildlife and nature.

If you are using a quadcopter to watch birds, keep the following in mind:

  • Never get your quadcopter too close to the birds
  • Do not intrude in the privacy of the birds if they have babies in their nest
  • Respect nature and use your quadcopter responsibly

These simple tips can help you look at the birds you want in privacy. We are sure bird watching wasn’t as easy, ever.

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