How to Stop Pigeons from Eating Your Grass Seed

how to stop pigeons from eating your grass seed

While you may love gardening and mowing your lawn with a zero turn lawnmower, there are a number of things that you would need to keep in mind when you’re tending to the plants. For one, are the grass seeds you’re sowing worth it? Remember, pigeons love to eat the grass seeds and you may not like it.

Grass seeds are expensive. They cost more than $ 25 a packet. You spend hours digging the ground, laying them out and watering caringly. Then you wake up the next morning to find all the seeds gone! Your money, time and effort – everything burns down to a glaring zero. And who are the culprits?

It’s the innocent cute looking pigeons and other birds that make a feast on your expensive grass seeds. It frustrates even the ardent bird lovers and may lead them to run outside with guns to shoot them down. Talking practically, let us see what we can do to stop pigeons from eating the grass seeds.

1. Use a protective cover

One easy way to protect the grass seeds against birds is covering the ground. There are some companies like Dupont who manufacture protective sheets meant to keep away birds. Such products are made from wood fibers and anti bird netting material and can be laid over the area with grass seeds.

DIY polythene cover

You can use a polythene sheet like those used to cover furniture while painting. Visit a hardware store and buy one of adequate length. The color should be transparent to allow the sun rays to pass.

Steps to follow

Here are the simple steps that you could follow to stop pigeons from eating your grass seed.

  1. Take the sheet and make multiple strips if necessary.
  2. Plant the grass seeds in the way you prefer.
  3. Cover the ground with grass seeds with the polythene cover. Use PVC pipes or nails to pin the cover to the ground at the corners and at the middle.

Apart from keeping away birds, this method seals the moisture between the ground and the sheet and resembles a green house effect. This makes the grass germinate faster. Alternative to a polythene cover can be

  • Clean straw
  • Frost covers

2. Anti bird netting

We can see anti bird nettings commonly on buildings under construction and such sites. It is also used by farmers to protect their crops. The same can be spread over the grass seeds to stop the pigeons. Be sure to keep the net a little distance above the ground by raising it with some poles or stick.

3. Anti bird seeds

Some companies have produced grass seeds that come with a chemical coating which makes them yucky to birds. It does not actually harm the bird and can be used safely. But such seeds have slow germination rate compared to normal grass seeds.

4. Creative ways

Birds are generally wary of movements and you can use shiny and bright objects to deter them. Hang few pieces of CD, hangers or anything shiny from trees around your lawn. These moving objects will make the birds feel unsafe and stay away from your grass seeds.

These simple tips will ensure that you do not have to worry about pigeons anymore. You can have your favourite plant grow in the garden, just the way you want.

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