Pigeon Intelligence

Pigeon IntelligenceBirds are extremely intelligent which has been proved through the verbal skills exhibited by parrots or through the extra ordinary memory exhibited by some pets or even through articles confirming the skills employed by some birds in mending activities such as plumbing. Many studies, indicate that pigeons are one of the most intelligent species in the category. Their ability to count has been known for quite some time now, in addition to their capability to grasp abstract rules with regard to numerals.pigeon-250x250

A decade ago, Researchers had proved that monkeys could arrange numbers according to their value and hierarchical order. They had the ability to learn the ordinal value of these numbers and also to differentiate them according to their value. Damian Scarf undertook this experiment in New Zealand using pigeons and found positive results. Pigeons succeeded in doing these calculations and assortment of numbers successfully. This was considered to be a revelation in the world of science and scientists all around the world were extremely impressed with these findings and results. However, this was made possible by vigorous training imparted to them using different colours, sizes and shapes and also by making groups of them.

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